Grace Episcopal Church
Saturday, September 23, 2017
 The Very Rev. C. Christian Pierce, Rector 
The Rev. Dr. Robert O. Wyatt,
Associate Priest
for Outreach and Adult Formation
Andrew Fredel
Minister of Music
ext. 2227
Mark  Mark Reynertson
Music Director Emeritus
Sherry  Sherry Thorburn
ext. 2244 
Mary Sue  Mary Sue Kegl
Parish Administrator
ext. 2225
  Allison Peters
Director of Communication
ext. 2236
Marianne Patrevito
Spiritual Direction
Julie Pierce
Academy Director
Junior Choir Director
ext. 2243
Megan Mannor
Curriculum & Formation Director
ext. 2204
Amy Cash
Academy Secretary
ext. 2221
Holly Lopez
Academy Accounting
ext. 2224
 Beth Beth Matusevicius
Accounting Assistant
ext. 2224
Don LaPetina
Vince Patrevito
ext. 2223 
Al Kitchel
Grace Cafe