Grace Episcopal Church
Saturday, September 23, 2017

About Us


The mission of Grace Episcopal Church is to be a welcoming, caring and enthusiastic Christ-centered community of faith, sharing in worship, fellowship, education and outreach, building a solid foundation for our ever-expanding Circle of Grace.

We are vital and active parishioners from a caring community who volunteer with great willingness to work. Worship, fellowship and outreach are the strongest elements of our life together. We are a loving and supportive church family with active lay leadership, committed to faith development for all generations. We cherish our children and our youth, and work to develop our formation programs. We serve many outside our walls through our outreach ministries. We offer numerous and varied opportunities for fellowship. We honor our Episcopal tradition of integrating liturgy, scripture and music. Our church family includes long-time Episcopalians, and crossovers from several Christian denominations, as well as other faiths. All are welcome at Grace Episcopal Church. We worship in traditional, middle Anglican forms of liturgy in both Rite I and Rite II weekly services.