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We believe that the key to growth is challenge, to get out of your comfort zone.  We challenge our parishioners to think in different ways, to listen to perspectives outside of their own, to open their hearts to different ways of thinking and listening.  In our adult formation classes on Sunday mornings, guest lecturers, clergy, and members of our congregation lead us into discussion and help guide us to new awareness and understanding of God in our lives.  We provide opportunities to retreat to Christ-centered stillness and contemplation.


Adult Forum

Sunday mornings 9:15-9:50




At Grace, we teach stillness through prayer and meditation.  We seek to find Christ in each other and ourselves.   We understand that our journey is to move from the Me, to the We, to the One.  Our youth programs seek build a community of love and respect.  Weekly meetings begin with dinner and continue with formation and  fellowship.  TACKO focuses on service projects and team-building activities.  YMO is a senior high leadership program.  YMO's annual mission trip offers students the opportunity to discover their authentic self.



(middle school)

Sunday nights 6:00-7:30 in Parish Hall


Youth Missions Organization (YMO)

(high school)

Sunday nights 6:00-7:30 at Rectory


Please contact us to learn more about our youth programs.





We look to nurture love, natural curiosity, and excitement with our children’s program on Sunday mornings.  Our Lego Liturgy allows elementary-aged children to explore bible stories and their faith through Legos.  Our Children's Chapel provides children age 3 through third grade an opportunity to experience the Gospel in an age-appropriate, hands-on lesson.  Children begin church with their family, then process at the Gospel hymn.  They return at the Peace.   Additional formation events are held throughout the year.


For more information, please contact Megan Mannor, our Formation Director.


Children's Formation

(K - 5th grade)

Building faith, brick by brick.  Children discover bible stories and their faith through a hands-on exploration with Legos.


Children's Chapel

(3 - 3rd grade)

During Gospel & Sermon at 10:00 worship



(3 months to 3 years)

Sunday mornings 9:00-11:00


Children are also welcome to attend the entire worship service.





Grace Academy’s Early Childhood Program provides a high-quality learning environment that enables every child to excel and grow in grace.  We believe children learn best through play which fosters exploration and discovery.  To that end, we provide a nurturing learning environment which promotes, supports, and honors discovery and exploration through play.   We provide a range of opportunities to explore, imagine, investigate, and engage in purposeful and meaningful experiences.  We understand that through play, a child actively poses problems, explores solutions, and develops understanding of real world concepts.  We strive to create meaningful learning opportunities to support the social, emotional, cognitive, and spiritual development of each child.


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For more information, please contact Julie Pierce, our Academy Director.





Excel and Grow in Grace



Fellowship and Faith



Wonder - Love - Praise










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